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November 2017


Photo: © Søren Meisner

Performance by Visual Artist Jeannette Ehlers

What does it mean to be the inheritor of colonial history?

Jeannette Ehlers’ performance Into the Dark transforms FÅR302 into a space for reflection, confronting the audience with structural issues of coloniality, racialisation and migration.

Into the Dark takes as its starting point a scene from H.C. Andersen’s play The Mulatto (1840) in which one protagonist, Paléme, attempts to convince his acquaintance Horatio to participate in an imminent revolt against the plantocracy of colonial Martinique. Tensions rise as the two men negotiate their privileges within the colonial system and stakes in overturning it.

Through a poetic, fragmented series of scenes and soundscapes Into the Dark unfolds an expansive legacy of Black anti-colonial resistance. Here we encounter, along with H.C. Andersen’s characters, labour revolt leader Queen Mary, renowned writer James Baldwin, founders of the Black Lives Matter movement among others.

Guest Performance
Featuring: Jeannette Ehlers, Camara Joof, Marie-Lydie Nokouda, Sun Ra, James Baldwin, Paul Gilroy, Akala & Rinaldo Walcott among more
Concept, Instruction and Scenography: Jeannette Ehlers
Dramaturgy: Nina Cramer & Lotte Løvholm
Production: Lotte Løvholm
Costumes: Dady De Maximo
Translation of the Mulatto: Nina Sokol
Soundscapes: Lamin Fonfana
Choreography: Justin F Kennedy
Architect: Martin Spangs
Text: H. C. Andersen & Tiphanie Yanique
Videographer: Nikolaj Recke
Editor: Jeannette Ehlers
Actors: Martin Bats Bradford & Josef Pons
PR and Marketing: Karina Lykkesborg
Administrator: René Kruse
Technical Design: Mette Hornbek

#intothedark // Teater Får302


Group show at Aros Art Museum, Aarhus Denmark