jeannette ehlers :


Whip It Good | 2014 | Excerpt 02:39 min

The video Whip It Good, is based on a live performance by Jeannette Ehlers, a Caribbean diaspora artist born and based in Denmark. In "Whip It Good" - the artist is reenacting one of the brutal punishment methods used during slavery. In using the same method on a white canvas, she creates a personal and simple, though contradictory, artistic act of striking back.
It was first presented for BE.BOP13 in Berlin at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse in 2013 and later recreated as a video piece at Vestindisk Pakhus ("The West Indian Warehouse") in Copenhagen, where, in earlier times, rum, sugar, and coffee from the Antilles were lugged in.The historic location now houses the Royal Cast Collection. The collection was established at a time when European countries were still colonial powers, a time when European/Western art and culture were commonly regarded as superior (still is). The white plaster casts tie in perfectly with this overall view.


See Images from the Performance Whip It good HERE